Christmas can both be a happy but also a sad time for many

The holidays can be a happy and positive time for many, but it can also bring some blues.

Mark Twain Behavioral Health in Kirksville said people can fall into depression around Christmas time due to a big change in their lives or situation. Experts say that first Christmas after a traumatic or sad situation can be the hardest due to an adjustment period of learning to try to move on from that situation wether it be from financial hardships, a divorce, relocating away from family, or a death of a loved one.

"Not only are there changes to loosing a loved one or someone very close to their family, they're hard to deal with during the holidays because you're use to traditional things that you do as a family or with friends. It's very different," said Sandra Ford R.N. of Mark Twain Behavioral Health.

Ford said if you are feeling the holiday blues, the number one thing to do is to not isolate yourself...go out and do things to keep you busy.

If you suspect someone you know may be lonely or depressed this holiday season, reach out to them by lifting their spirits by giving them a holiday gift or inviting them to your Christmas dinner.