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      Chronic Wasting Disease meeting held in Macon

      The Missouri Department of Conservation spent Tuesday evening listening to residents' concerns about Missouri's deer population.

      The public meeting held in Macon provided information on Chronic Wasting Disease, limiting the spread of CWD among captive and free-ranging deer and what the conservation department is doing about it.

      Hunters, landowners, conservation groups and hunting-related businesses were invited to the meeting.

      Based on current scientific research and Conservation Department management priorities, MDC has identified several areas of concern related to disease transmission. Those items include the separation of captive and free-ranging wildlife populations, movement of captive wildlife, disease testing and herd certification.

      The Department of Conservation has been working with hunters, landowners, conservation partners, and businesses to detect cases of this infectious disease and limit its spread in free-ranging deer. The agency has also made regulation changes affecting free-ranging deer in the area where CWD has been found.

      Missouri's first cases of CWD were detected in 2010 and 2011 in captive deer at private big-game hunting preserves in Linn and Macon counties. A total of 11 cases of the deadly deer disease have been confirmed in captive deer at the facilities.

      CWD has since been found in 10 free-ranging deer within two miles of the captive facility in Macon County.

      This meeting in Macon was the first held on the CWD and Missouri deer issue. Other meetings will be held in September and October in Kirkwood, West Plains, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City, St. Joseph, Blue Springs and Springfield.