Chronic Wasting Disease remains confined to Macon County

There was a lot of concern when word came out that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was reported early last year in northeast Missouri. Now there is a bit of good news.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has done extensive testing over the past year in the CWD core area of Linn and Macon Counties. So far there has only been five confirmed cases in that 29-square-mile block.

There was also a statewide test to make sure CWD was nowhere else.

"We checked over 3,600 deer state wide including the six counties around Macon County. We checked 1,900 in that area , and the only positives we found was in the immediate area where we found it before. The disease is contained in a very small area," said Matt Wolken of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The department will continue to run more tests in the area.

They are assuring people that CWD is not a human health issue, and it is just a deer herd issue.