Church lights candles for suicide victims

The recent string of bully-related suicides led a local congregation to hold a special service for those lost.

Trinity Episcopal Church in Kirksville holds its unique Taize service once a month as a time for music and quiet reflection.

Sunday night the congregation lit candles and prayed for the families of several teenagers nationwide who were bullied because of their sexual orientation and later committed suicide.

Bullying is an issue at every school and needs to be addressed by the community, said Rev. Carrol Davenport. Davenport is the Priest Associate at Trinity Episcopal Church.

"We're simply here to acknowledge the tragedy of that human loss to each of those young men, to say their names loud and then to talk as a community about what kinds of things we might do to make resources available to young people in our own community," she said.

After the service the congregation met with a representative from the Missouri Safe School Coalition to talk about suicide prevention and how to stop bullying in schools and communities.