Church member prevents burglary

Church of the Open Door, south of Macon.

What started as a ordinary Thursday evening for Czar Boyd turned into anything, but ordinary!

His place of worship, almost shattered.

It was just before 6:20 Thursday evening when he noticed a strange truck pulling in his driveway.

"I saw a truck drive in my driveway with no lights on," Boyd said. "I was curious as to why the truck was driving in my driveway with no lights."

Boyd is a member of Church of the Open Door and serves as the youth pastor.

He lives in a home directly behind the sanctuary. So once he noticed the suspicious activity, he immediately called police.

Boyd tells KTVO while he was still on the phone with the dispatcher he went to another area of his home.

"I stepped out and I didn't see a young guy standing out there. He grabbed me, I slung him down to the ground, wrestled a little bit and he was down," Boyd tells us.

By that time, the guy trying to pry the rear church door open, came rushing toward Boyd and swung the crow bar. Boyd said he ducked and hit his attacker right in the face.

The whole time the dispatcher was still on the phone. Boyd tells us the truck went in reverse, a woman got out and pointed a rifle directly at him. Two shots were fired, but somehow Boyd said he was not hit, and suffers only minor injuries from fighting of his three attackers

Pastor Greg Berglund of Church of the Open Door tells us he's not worried, he's just remaining prayerful and faithful.

"My prayer for my church and the congregation is for the Lord's blessings, but also protection, Berglund said"

So far police have not made any arrest in this crime.

If you have any information about this crime, you are urged to call the Macon County Sheriff's Office.