Cinema X trial set to begin

Bruce Pollard

The First Degree Murder trial of Bruce Darnell Pollard Jr. is scheduled to begin on Tuesday at the Wapello County Courthouse.

The 26-year-old Pollard beat and strangled Kenneth McDaniel at the Cinema X Theater in downtown Ottumwa in March of 2012.

The fact that Pollard killed McDaniel is not in doubt; Ottumwa Police said in May of 2012 that Pollard had confessed to the crime.

And according to online court records, Pollard's defense team has filed a notice of an affirmative defense.

That means, Pollardâ??s defense won't contest the fact that he committed the crime, but will likely argue he can't be held responsible for his actions due to his mental condition at the time of the incident.

The murder of McDaniel was part of a multi-day crime spree that saw Pollard charged with several robberies as well as murder.

Pollard is being tried separately on the robbery charges.

Pollard charged with murder