'Circle of Friends' works to unite Kirksville community

"The Circle of Friends" is opening its circle to the community this season.

The Kirksville Regional Office is working with "The Circle of Friends" to spread a message of community unity. "The Littlest Christmas Tree" was a production narrated by Chuck Comstock earlier this month. Comstock says the play's message was intended to create a sense of belonging for everyone in the community this season.

He shared with KTVO a few ways to take the play's message and apply it to real life.

â??Wish everybody a happy holiday season and you know to look out there and be willing if you can to give to others, a simple plate of cookies to your neighbor might bring wonderful joy to their lives,â?? said Comstock.

Although, "The Circle of Friends" caters to the physically and mentally disabled, Comstock says people from all walks of life are welcomed. For more information on â??The Circle of Friends,â?? contact The Kirksville Regional Office: (660)-785-2500.