Citizen police training program to be implemented in Fairfield

Residents will soon be able to take part in a citizen police training program.

The Fairfield Police Department is currently in the planning process regarding how they will initiate the police training program. Capt. David Thomas says the course will cover everything from arrest techniques, to patrol procedures and will go over topics such as constitutional and criminal law. He told us he's also excited about the transparencies between the citizens and the police department a program like this provides.

â??There will be a lot of opportunity to ask questions and concerns,â?? Thomas said, â??and we're excited about it because it's a way for our department to get input back from the citizens what they want to see in the police department, since they are the ones that we're here for. We like the input of what we can help them with and what their expectations are.â??

Thomas says the department will be announcing the dates for the citizen police training program sometime in the near future, and at that time, residents can start signing up.