Citizens give MoDOT the heat

State Representative Zach Wyatt, the Alternate Route 63 Traffic Safety Commission and MoDot representatives met with the citizens of Adair County on Tuesday evening for the first time since the new highway opened in October.

Citizens packed the Kirksville High School cafeteria.

Key points hit at the meeting included the safety of Route P. Residents are complaining about gravel trucks destroying the road and the chances of that road becoming a winter weather nightmare.

There was also requests to add more signs along the new highway to show exactly where and how to get into Kirksville.

Some residents say business is being directed towards other cities and not Kirksville.

However, there were some positive notes about the new highway.

A few citizens commented that the new highway should be left alone and let people get use to the new road.

MoDot and the new Commission will continue to work together during the months and years ahead to make the new Alternate Route 63 as safe as possible.

The Highway 63 Alternate Route Traffic Safety Commission consists of Chairman Nate Walker, Harriet Beard, Bob Behnen, Randy Behrens, Jerry Caldwell, Katie Campbell-Johnson, Carol Kellum, Mike LaBeth, Dr. Jack Magruder, Becky Osborn, Dr. Troy Paino, Mark Thompson, and Pat Williams.

If you were unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday afternoon you are urged to contact State Representative Zach Wyatt at