City, ACAD's TIF tiff finally resolved

A settlement has finally been reached in an ongoing tiff over TIF, or tax increment financing funds.

The City of Kirksville and the Adair County Ambulance District had been feuding over the topic since 2008.

ACAD board members claimed the ambulance district was not required to pay tax revenue to the city's TIF fund.

After a lot of back-and-forth correspondence, ACAD told city officials they disagreed with them and were not going to provide any payments to the TIF.

The city disagreed.

In 2009, after ACAD rejected the city's offer to let the ambulance district pay just 25 percent of the tax revenue the district collected instead of the 50 percent required by law, the city filed a lawsuit against ACAD.

Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber said the ACAD director recently asked the city to reinstate its original offer, and the ambulance district board approved the agreement last week.

Oral arguments in the case had been scheduled for this December in court.

The Kirksville City Council signed off on the agreement at Monday night's meeting.

"We understand the ambulance district's concern,â?? said Macomber. â??We understand what they intended to use the money for; however, we also believe that they understood the law, and so, as a way to be in the best interest of the community out there, that's why the 25 percent came about."

At Tuesdayâ??s TIF commission meeting, ACAD Director Larry Burton will present a check for nearly $129,500 to the commission.