City and County officials meet to discuss improvements

Adair County Commissioners and the Kirksville City Council met Monday afternoon for a quarterly meeting.

The two groups discussed improvements needed in both the city and county. One of the main topics was improving city streets. Which streets need the most repair is still being decided.

Over the next few months, street overlay projects will be completed. Once those are done, drainage along the streets will also be improved within the next two years.

The winter weather and the freezing and thawing cycle are two of the main reasons why city streets need improvements.

"It's the water that's really affecting the condition of the streets, and the freeze and thaw is affecting it as well, and so if we can address that I think it will help in the long run improvement," said Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager.

Also discussed at the meeting was issuing a 'Burn Ban' Ordinace if dry and windy conditions are expected over a course of multiple days. Such a ban would help limit the number of grass fires in the area.