City cops, where can they roam?

Under what conditions can city police do law enforcement outside of the city limit?

Thatâ??s what the majority of our viewers wanted to know in Thursdayâ??s â??Facebook Story of the Dayâ??.

According to Kirksville Police Chief, Jim Hughes, city officers who are commissioned through the state have always had the ability to assist outside of city jurisdiction in times of an emergency.

But, the problem with that is, there really wasnâ??t a statutory agreement as to what an emergency was or is. So in order to maximize the limited resources that law enforcement has in the area, the Kirksville Police Department now has County Deputy Commissions.

On September 6, 2011, the Adair County Sheriffâ??s Office and Kirksville Police Department entered into a mutual-aid agreement, and all KPD officers were commissioned as Adair County Deputies.

â??What that does is it allows us to go assist the sheriff's department in times of need. Whether if it would meet the statutory requirement of an emergency or not. There is always that need out there. We have those that will come in the city and help us and they there are times where we'll go out and assist them,â?? said Chief Hughes. â??Even though we have the technical capabilities of independently taking action out in the county as a result of those commissions, we do not do that.â??

So how does that agreement between the sheriffâ??s office and the police department work?

â??What we do is assist,â?? Chief Hughes said. â??The primary ways that we do that are on calls where they need immediate assistance, where they donâ??t have the resources on hand at the moment. If we get a case where suspects or some involvement is present in the county, we can go out, and with the collaboration with the sheriffâ??s deputies, investigate.â??

One of the other things that Kirksville Police Officers can do, and have been doing this for years as a result of a formal agreement, is special projects with the Adair County Drug Coalition.

This agreement is known as the Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Group Agreement or MEG, and has been around since 2005.

â??The Adair County Drug Coalition provides funding for certain types of additional drug enforcement and thatâ??s a collaborative effort between us, the sheriffâ??s department, and several other agencies,â?? Chief Hughes said.

The Kirksville Police Department can also do traffic enforcement outside the city limits.

â??In that case, itâ??s in furtherance of the grant funded Adair County Drug Coalition Project,â?? said Chief Jim Hughes. â??There are certain types of funded projects that include saturation patrols, and we have the ability to go out in collaboration with the sheriffâ??s department to do that.â??