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      City council and library board discuss digital age

      The city of Kirksville and the Adair County Library Board meet Monday to discuss items of mutual interest.

      The city of Kirksville and the Adair County Library Board met Monday to discuss items of mutual interests.

      Their main discussions were the staffing at the public library along with keeping up with the digital age.

      Libraries were once a vibrant part of the book-industry, but its extinction may be approaching. However the council and the library board are confident that that wonâ??t happen at the Adair County Library.

      City and library leaders addressed the importance of volunteer workers at the library, and credits volunteers for keeping the library afloat. The library has volunteers both young to old.

      Glenda Hunt, the director of the Adair County Public Library says she's had Truman State University and A.T. Still University students volunteer much of their time to make sure literature is still prevalent during today's digital age.

      The library has downloadable e-books and audio books available along with e-readers for you to check out.

      If you would like to know more about the Adair County Library CLICK HERE.