City council decides to rezone vet clinic in a 4-1 vote

Ottumwa Vet Clinic on 2305 N. Court St. will be rezoned as a C-1 commercial district.

Tuesday night, the Ottumwa City Council passed a rezoning request thatâ??s been a hot topic of debate during the past three meetings.

This was the third and final hearing for council to decide whether to rezone the Ottumwa Veterinary Clinic from an R-1 Residential Zone to a C-1 Commercial Zone. Four neighbors of the vet clinic on N. Court St. spoke in opposition to rezoning. They gave long lists of reasons, including their concerns of property values going down and what the building could become if the owners of the vet clinic chose to sell their property.

â??The applicants knew however, when they purchased this business that it was residentially zoned, a residentially known neighborhood and with restricted use, they have options and the means to relocate elsewhere,â?? Jane Fritz, a resident opposing the rezoning request , said.

Also in attendance Tuesday evening were business owners Dr. Steve Menke and his business partner, Dr. Todd Williams who now have the opportunity to expand their business thanks to the approval of the rezoning request. In a 4-1 vote, the council approved the rezoning of the Ottumwa Vet Clinic. The only councilman to vote against the ordinance was John Richards, who commended the four residents for sticking up for their neighborhood.