City council has new look, preps for January

Ottumwa's new city council members won't offcially take office for a few months, but there's still work to do in the meantime.

Bob Meyers was re-elected for a third term on the city council along with newcomers Skip Stevens and Matt Dalbey, during this past Tuesday's city election.

During the period of inactivity before they take office in January, the newcomers will visit city hall and learning about the different departments and operations. Stevens is a 40 plus year veteran employee of the city so he is familiar with how Ottumwa works. Dalbey is a lifelong resident of Ottumwa.

Upon arriving in office, Stevens and Dalbey will have to make a quick turnaround with a completed budget expected by March 15th.

Ottumwa Public Information Officer, Tom Rodgers, says he expects a smooth transition for the newcomers and cohesion by the council as a whole.

"It's a good thing for the community. It's democracy in action and the fact that we have five people representing the community--in different parts of the community--coming together to determine our path for the future," said Rodgers.

Stevens and Dalbey will officially take office on January 2nd at noon.