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      City Council puts debris collection on hold

      At Tuesday evenings Ottumwa City Council meeting, the council decided to hold off on making a decision regarding free curbside pickup of yard debris.

      Debris, including tree limbs, are placed all along the sidewalks of Ottumwaâ??s neighborhoods, waiting to be hauled off.

      One reason the council decided to wait on making a decision was to let crews from Alliant Energy and the city finish repairing services to homes and businesses.

      KTVO spoke with Councilmember J.R. Richards regarding the decision. He says one reason the council made the decision was so that all of the debris can be collected at once.

      â??We are rolling along as fast as possible to give folks a little more time to get things out on the curb, so that we can make it in one pass. Because it costs the city money, and it is taxpayersâ?? money, and that is the way we want to treat it. So we want to do it as efficiently as possible,â?? said Richards.

      Richards say that the city will announce dates when they will be picking up debris. He told KTVO that if anyone has any questions regarding the pickup or needs assistance due to the storm, to contact city hall at 641-683-0600.