City Councilman's campaign signs are vandalized

Mills says about 11 of his campaign signs were destroyed with swastika signs and another derogatory phrase.

City Councilman Jerry Mills woke up Thursday morning to vandalized campaign signs.

Mills is running for re-election this year, he has served on the council since 2011.

Mills says he received a few phone calls Thursday morning regarding his property. About 10 to 11 of his signs were destroyed with swastikas and another derogatory phrase.

Mills says the Kirksville City Hall called and reported finding a few of those signs in front of the City Hall building. He also says his neighbors found several of the signs throughout the neighborhood.

Mills says police are investigating the situation to see what information they can find about the vandalized signs, but for the time being, he's moving on.

â??We just keep pushing forward. It is what it is. Things happen in life and you just roll with the punches and just keep going,â?? said Mills.

Mills also said he doesn't have any idea who would have done such a thing, but if anyone knows any information regarding the vandalism, they are encouraged to contact the Kirksville Police Department.