City limits can't save you, troopers can still pull you over

Iowa State Patrol car

For Tuesdayâ??s Facebook Story of the day, Facebook users wanted to know if the Highway State Patrol can issue tickets and citations within city limits and on county roads.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, the answer is yes. As long as a driver is in the state of Iowa, the State Patrol can give out citations if need be.

City police departments and the Highway Patrol have a shared goal of keeping drivers on the road safe.

â??We work hand-in-hand with them, very much so. They'll come out and assist us and we'll come in and assist them. Everybody is shorthanded nowadays and we really rely on each other to help other out and give each other back up. And yeah it's a great working relationship we have with all the agencies,â?? said Lt. Dean Jalas, Iowa State Patrol District Commander.

Lt. Jalas said State Patrol citations usually result from the officer observing a violation as he travels through a town en route to somewhere else.

He wants drivers to know that most major accidents happen because of minor traffic violations and to be extra cautious when driving.