City of Fairfield to celebrate 175th anniversary

The City of Fairfield will celebrate its 175th anniversary in July, but residents won't have to wait until then for the fun to begin.

City councilman Michael Halley says organizers have planned an event starting next week. On April 28th-May 2 committee members will be planting trees in OB Nelson Park. The planting will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. On May 3, planting will take place on the square. Groups of kids and adults are invited to participate. Halley says in celebration of the anniversary, participants will plant 175 trees.

"Well 175th is kind of a kind of a funny anniversary it's not one of the big ones," he said. "You know in another 25 years we'll be ready for something even more spectacular, but it's fun to just take this time look at our past, think about our future, celebrate the present."

Halley says people in the community will also celebrate with three full days of fun-filled festivities this summer. Those will take place July 4-6.