City of Kirksville receives new police cars

The Kirksville Police Department will be riding in style in a couple of weeks.

The City of Kirksville has in its possession three new 2012 Dodge Chargers, which will be utilized by the Kirksville Police Department.

The city bought the vehicles from Lovegreen Ford-Chrysler and paid $54,970, after trading in two older cruisers.

"I sincerely appreciate the City of Kirksville doing business in town and I happen to be the winning vendor on this particular bid, said Bill Lovegreen, the owner of Lovegreen Ford-Chrysler. "We're happy that they're driving Dodge Chargers as police cars."

Lovegreen said the cars are built to withstand long periods of idling and pursuits.

"They've got the police package on them, and that police package gives you stronger suspension, bigger tires and wheels, bigger brakes, a lot of cooling for the transmission and the engine so it's made for police service," said Bill Lovegreen.

Buckwalter said they still have to move equipment from the old cruisers to the new cars.

"We're just getting ready to get these mounted up and ready to go on the street and get a good evaluation of how they're going perform," said Buckwalter.

B & H Graphics will decal the Chargers. Within two to three weeks, Buckwalter said officers will be driving the new cars out on the roadways.