City of Kirksville receives new snow blower

The city of Kirksville has received a new snow blower just in time for an upcoming winter storm.

The new machinery cost the city just under $80,000. The purchase was approved by the Kirksville City Council.

The blower mounts on a front loader, and can blow snow into an open field or directly into a dump truck.

The snow blower will be used primarily in downtown Kirksville and at the Kirksville Regional Airport. Public Works Director Alan Griffiths says the snow blower will help to blow the snow farther away from the airport's runway, and eliminate the piles of snow in the downtown area. He say the equipment will help make the clearing of snow downtown more efficient.

"What we are going to be doing is instead of piling the snow in the intersections and then removing the snow piles during the day with traffic, hopefully we will just be able to windrow the snow into one traffic lane at night," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

Public Works employees have been busy practicing using the new snow blower to prepare for the upcoming weather.