City of Ottumwa plans to take legal action

It was a project that was supposed to last 30 years but instead barely survived six.

And now the city of Ottumwa wants to take action against Van Hauen and Associates of Grimes for work done on Phase 1 of the South Ottumwa Sanitary Sewer Separation Project that covers four blocks â?? North Sheridan and Garfield all the way to Finley.

City engineers said the companyâ??s work has led to the streets cracking and settling and city officials said they have tried speaking to the company.

â??We're looking at going after the bond. And this way you have a bond for doing a street project or sewer separation project like this. It allows the city to be able to have a source of money to go to after if the work is not being done properly. This is exactly the kind of case where the bond pays off,â?? said Joe Helfenberger, City Administrator of Ottumwa.

The issue will be discussed tomorrow evening at the Ottumwa City Council Meeting.