City of Ottumwa reminds drivers to slow down in school zones

As the kids are officially back in school, the City of Ottumwa is reminding drivers to slow down in school zones.

In an effort to help children travel to and from school safely, the Ottumwa Police Department will also be increasing traffic enforcement during school hours around schools and residential areas. Officers will be watching for various violations including motorists speeding in school zones, vehicles driving through school bus warning devices and people not wearing seatbelts.

â??We always want to remind drivers to be especially cautious in those morning hours and after school hours when there's just a lot more kids on the street, children walking and may or may not necessarily walking and crossing as safely as they should,â?? Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers said. â??It's up to us grown ups to kind of keep an extra eye out.â??

He also recommends leaving early and planning ahead for possible traffic, especially during hours when school begins in the morning and is released in the afternoon.