City of Ottumwa wins lawsuit over Environmental Protection Agency

The city of Ottumwa, along with a few other Iowa cities, has won a class action lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA regulates how cities treat waste water and for the past several years, Ottumwa city officials have not been happy about how the EPA has been running things.

Ottumwa City Councilman Brian Morgan said he feels the EPA basically made up rules on how water should be treated without any input from city governments, county supervisors or higher authorities.

â??And we have worked with EPA through 90% of their stuff. And you know, we have the 25 year consent decree -- we're saying we are going to get it done and we will get it done, we just don't need all this other stuff day after day coming on top of us. We all want to make sure our waters are clean and our air is clean and everything else -- we appreciate that, but you're breaking the back of cities and by cities I mean taxpayers,â?? said Morgan.

Morgan said the city will not be getting money back from the EPA but down the line there will be various things the city wonâ??t have to do that will save taxpayers money, especially on sewer rates.