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      City representatives plant trees for Arbor Day

      As a way to celebrate this Arbor Day,the city of Kirksville planted trees at Forest Llewellyn Cemetery Friday.

      It was all part of the tree planting plan for the cemetery, and city representatives along with members of the Parks and Recreation Department, Missouri Department of Conservation, and members of the Forest Llewellyn Cemetery committee laced their boots and got their hands dirty.

      The team planted two oak trees and two maple trees.

      "The most important thing when it comes to planting a tree is starting with a really good hole," said Resource Forester, Yvette Amerman with the Missouri Department of Conservation. "Most people think the holes needs to be really deep, but it actually needs to be fairly shallow and really wide. it's really good just to use the soil you took out of the hole so the tree can learn to grow in that type of soil."

      The trees are expected to get 40-60 ft. tall when they're fully gown. Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It's typically celebrated the last Friday in April.