Class reunion brings grads back together 50 years later

Brashear High School class of 1957-1963 gathering for their class reunion

Five decades, that's how long it's been since a group of high school classmates sat side-by-side.

Sunday, it was almost like lunchtime in the cafeteria, 50 years ago. The Brashear High School Class of 1957-1963 sat at a table just like old times for their class reunion.

The class reunion chairman says they try to hold a reunion every five years to just catch up with their high school friends.

"Benefit of a small school," said Norm Spencer the class reunion chair. "A small school where your class size is 20-22 you can get several years together and you know everybody and it's just a great meet and see how people changed and their families."

We actually found the dad of our very own John Garlock. John's dad graduated from Brashear High School in 1962.

There were about 120 people from the Brashear class in Kirksville for the reunion. Classmates have moved to Denver, Maryland, Iowa and Kansas. They were not afraid to come back to the Heartland to catch up.

Organizers say they started planning for this reunion eight months in advance.