Classes are available for those who want to become home owners

The Northeast Community Action Corporation office in Macon offers a home ownership class.

If you've always wanted to own a home, there's help available in Macon County.

The Northeast Community Action Corporation office offers a home ownership class.

Participants learn about housing opportunities and the financing behind buying a home.

The subjects range from going through the loan application process to looking over and understanding your credit score. Most importantly, learning how crucial being able to manage a budget is.

"Budgeting is very important. Budgeting is what takes you from a poor risk to a good risk. You can always improve your credit. It may take time, but you can always improve it with hard work. It's their money. I want them to have control over it," said Class Director Debbie Smith.

Smith also teaches participants how to shop around to find the right home. also how to go through a home inspection.

The class is offered once a month at the NECAC Office in Macon. More information is available by calling the NECAC at 660-385-4616.