Classic cars fill Fairfield Square

Classic cars filled the square in one Heartland community to help wrap up the long Fourth of July Weekend celebrations.

The car show was also held as part of the 175th birthday celebration in Fairfield. Car lovers of all ages were able to take a step back into history and learn about the different makes and models of the vehicles. Live music and a children's coloring contest added more fun to the afternoon. Those that attended the classic car celebration also had a chance to speak with the cars owners and learn why they love their cars. And, despite the hot weather, some car owners say it could always be worse.

"This is a perfect day for a car show. Usually it's so blasted hot you feel like not even coming, and of course none of these cars have air conditioning in them. The best air conditioning is to roll the windows down and go down the road as fast as you can," said Harold Rebling, who had multiple cars on display at the show.

As a result of the rainy weather on Saturday, other birthday celebrations for the town have been postponed. Those events will be taking place over the long Labor Day Weekend.