Clean up continues two months after Tribune Building collapse

<p dir="ltr" align="left">Crews work to fill in the former Tribune Building basement</p>

Crews are still cleaning up the lot where the Tribune Building once stood in Fairfield, nearly two months after its collapse.

A support beam broke in early July, which caused a domino effect, which then caused the entire building to collapse.

Crews today worked to fill in the basement of the former structure with sand and dirt.

Ross Walker owned the Tribune Building and said he had decided in May to sell the building in late June. It collapsed just as he was making plans to sell the building.

Walker said, "I was going to close the business but I didn't think it was going to fall in on me. The insurance people were down here, engineers from my insurance company, they looked at it and found the problem, the joist broke, probably through age. That's my sad story, I lost a building and a business at the same time."

Walker said the empty lot is now for sale.