Closing arguments conclude in third Techel trial

Closing arguments in the murder trial of Seth Techel came to an end on Wednesday.

After about a week of testimony State Prosecutor Andrew Prosser summed up his case for the Scott County jury Wednesday morning.

Prosser told the jury that all the evidence points to Seth Techel and only Seth Techel.

A big part of the state's case is the 18 minute time frame between when Techel said he heard the shotgun blast and when he called 911.

"Showered after he shot Lisa Techel and that is one of things he is doing during those 18 minutes. Why? So he doesn't have blood on him, so that he doesn't have gunshot residue on him, and by the way what else doesn't he do he never performs CPR," said Prosser.

Wednesday afternoon Defense Attorney Jake Feuerhelm closed his case.

Feuerhelm characterized the investigation as incomplete, incompetent, and inconsistent.

Feuerhelm argued that investigators came to the conclusion that Techel was guilty, and once that was decided, they ignored or mishandled any evidence to the contrary.

Judge Daniel Wilson gave the case to the jury just before 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Now that panel will try to do what two previous juries failed to do: reach a verdict.