Closing statements begin in Techel trial

UPDATE-Defense attorney Steve Gardner disputed the prosecution's case to the jury largely citing a lack of direct evidence and a failure to conduct a proper investigation by various law enforcement officials.

Gardner specifically mentioned the state's failure to conduct fingerprinting or DNA testing on the murder weapon and the shotgun shell found inside it. He also made note of the weapon being bone dry when it was retrieved although it had rained the previous day.

Gardner suggested someone--specifically neighbor Brian Tate--had tossed it there.

Gardner also claimed the crime scene was contaminated.

Although the crime scene was supposedly secured by DCI agents, photos taken by crime scene investigators the day of the murder and Lorraine Uehling-Techel two days after differed.

Gardner also spoke about the peanut butter sandwich found on the Techel porch and blasted DCI agents for ignoring this piece of evidence.

"There is no evidence where it came from other than we know it didn't come from that house, unless you can figure out a way to get one single hot dog bun and change it into a sandwich," said Gardner.

The defense also touched on the alleged relationship between Seth Techel and Rachel McFarland claiming there was barely any communication between the two, and the communication was exclusively electronic.

Gardner dismissed the state's theory that Techel killed his wife to be with McFarland saying she had multiple suitors at the time.

The prosecution rebutted after Gardner finished his closing argument, and jury deliberations commenced shortly after.

The jury was discharged about thirty minutes later and will resume deliberations tomorrow at 9 a.m.

UPDATE- Seth Techel's fate is in the hands of the jury.

Defense Attorney Steve Gardner finished his closing statement around four p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Judge Daniel Wilson then turned the case over to the jury around 4:30 p.m.

Jurors deliberated for about 45 minutes before retiring for the evening.

They are expected to resume their work around 9 a.m. Thursday morning.


After nearly two and half weeks of testimony, the attorneys in the first degree murder trial of Seth Techel began their closing statements Wednesday morning at the Henry County Courthouse.

Up first was Assistant State Attorney General Andrew Prosser.

Prosser told the jurors that despite what they have heard from the defense, the evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that only the 23-year-old Agency man had the means, motive and opportunity to kill his pregnant wife in May of 2012.

Prosser spent two hours leading jurors through the state's case one last time hammering away at the defense contention that Lisa Caldwell Techel was murdered by Brian Tate.

Prosser posed the following question to jurors about Techel's actions in early morning hours of May 26. Prosser says Techel knew Tate wasn't the killer and his reaction that morning proves it.

â??Why doesn't he say go get him go get him now. He's there, he just ran out of my door, do it now. but no it had to be Todd Caldwell who did that after seeing his daughter dead, not the defendant he was concerned with getting his work called,â?? said Prosser.

Prosser reviewed the electronic communication between Techel and his would be mistress Rachel MacFarland in the weeks and days leading up to the murder.

The texts indicate Techel had told MacFarland that he was planning on ending his marriage in the hours before Lisa was murdered.

Prosser pointed out that Techel only acknowledged the relationship with MacFarland after he realized investigators already knew about it.