Coalition to cut back on underage drinking discusses next steps

It was just last week when the Social Host Ordinance was passed in Jefferson County that holds adults accountable for knowingly letting underage drinking happen on their property.

On Monday the coalition for the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) met for the first time since the ordinance was passed.

The coalition is made up of local law enforcement, school officials, supervisors and other community members.

SPF SIG Coordinator Don Sandersaid the next step is to introduce the ordinance to the city. This is just one step in the coalitionâ??s goal to cut back on underage and binge drinking.

â??One is education which this will be a part of. We think that the education element has far greater sustainability than any of the other projects we're doing. The second thing is we are funding a lot of law enforcement operations to enforce current laws. We'll be paying for law enforcement overtime to do such things as compliance checks and shoulder tap operations that are targeted operations,â?? said Sander.

The coalition also applied for a $1,000 Ragbrai Grant that will likely go towards a town hall meeting.