College Board report shows Iowa students score below national average on AP Exams

<font size="2">Superintendent Eidahl says dual credit courses are more popular than AP classes at OHS.</font>


College Board report

says Iowa's High School seniors are lagging behind students in other states on Advanced Placement exams.

The report was released on Tuesday. It says 11-percent of Iowa's High school seniors scored a three or higher on an AP exam in 2013. Nationally on average, 20 percent of seniors scored a three or higher. Ottumwa Schools Superintendent Dr. Davis Eidahl says the high school offers AP courses in all the core subject areas.

â??Those AP classes are pretty rigorous,â?? Dr. Eidahl said, â??and it takes a lot of additional time by the teacher and by the student in preparing our students for the exam, and I would say based upon the success rate across the state, that we are slightly above that at OHS as how well our students score.â??

The superintendent says dual credit courses are more popular than AP classes at OHS. The dual credit courses allow students to receive credit through Indian Hills. Eidahl says those credits transfer to most colleges in Iowa. AP credits typically transfer to any college.