Colorado residents watch helplessly as houses burn

Colorado fire-photo provided by KTVO sister station KXRM

The Waldo Canyon Fire has stricken the Northwest area of Colorado causing over 32,000 people to be evacuated from the area.

Many homeowners have been standing by as the flames have engulfed 6,200 acres of land.

Crew members from our Barrington sister stations are heading to Colorado to help out our sister station, KXRM, located in Colorado Springs. KXRM has been working around the clock to update residents on the fires condition.

The fire, which started Saturday in Waldo Canyon, quickly spread due to hot and dry conditions.

Fire crews had prevented the fire from burning any homes until Tuesday afternoon but have said an unknown number of homes in northwest Colorado Springs have since been burned. Colorado Springs Fire Chief Richard Brown said the fire simply picked up too fast for crews to hold containment lines.

View coverage of the fires from KXRM Television.