Colossal Colon makes its debut in Iowa

The Colossal Colon has made its way to Iowa!

It is a four foot tall and 40 foot long replica of a colon. Inside, there are representations of various digestive diseases, polyps, cancer, and advanced cancer.

The exhibit was brought to Central Ward Elementary School on Friday and Saturday and is sponsored by Mercy Medical Center in Centerville. Kids could go inside of the colon and get a feel for what an actual colon looks like.

â??Then we have the chance to speak to people. Colon cancer screening and colonoscopies should begin at age 50 but at an earlier age if someone has a family history. So through the children we met yesterday, over 200 children, who came through and listened to us talk about this we hope to reach their parents and grandparents who might be of age of about 50,â?? says Heather McKelvey, Health Promotions Manger at Mercy Medical Center in Centerville.

McKelvey recently learned that she has colon cancer making this event very personal for her.

The Colossal Colon was made in memory of 23 year-old Amanda Sherwood who lost her life to colon cancer. The goal of the traveling colon is to make people aware of this deadly cancer and to get screened.