Commission recommends easing parking requirements

The Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission considered a proposal Wednesday night to reduce the parking requirements for new multi-family housing construction in Kirksville.

A Citizen's Parking Committee formed earlier this year looked into the matter after some complained that the number of parking spaces required by city code was excessive.

The committee came back with the recommendation to require one parking spot per bedroom in each new multi-family dwelling.

"We looked at them on Friday afternoons, we looked at them on Wednesday at noon, we looked at them on Monday morning and when we felt that there would be pretty maximum use of the parking spaces, and I have to admit there were empty parking places in every multi-family unit that I went to look at,â?? said Brad Selby, Kirksville codes and planning director.

Despite complaints from a couple of residents, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-3 to approve the recommendation to reduce the number of parking spaces required for new multi-family dwellings in Kirksville.

The item still has to be approved by the Kirksville City Council.

The proposal is on the agenda for this coming Monday's study session and meeting.

The commission also voted to make the standard parking space size required by city code 9â?? X 18â?? whether itâ??s for residential or commercial construction.