Committee looking for feedback on Capitol and Capri Theaters

A company out of Minnesota will be making a trip to the City of Bridges Thursday to get the public's feedback on how to best utilize space in downtown Ottumwa.

The Capri and Capitol Theaters are in the midst of being renovated, but a purpose for the space is yet to be determined. During the visit Thursday, Ottumwa's arts community will be on display and the committee behind the event hopes that everyone shows up to not only be informed about the project, but also give their opinion on what they would like to see for the space.

Even if you're not interested in the arts, the downtown theaters are a key piece of Ottumwa's history.

"People had their first dates, their first kiss, they had great memories of the theater and we're restoring it, bringing it back and making it something new for generations to come," said Pam Kaupins, Co-Chair of the River's Edge Arts and Culture Committee. "So whether you care about the arts or not really isn't even the point, it's caring about our history."

The town hall meeting will be at the Bridge View Center Thursday evening. Entertainment kicks off at 6:15 pm and the actual community meeting will begin at 7 pm.