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      Committee still plans to improve Downtown Kirksville

      After months of scaling back and even talks of disbanding, the Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC) is still going!

      Tuesday night, KDIC members discussed the group's missions and goals to help improve not only downtown, but the entire city of Kirksville.

      The president of the committee, Justin Tallman, told KTVO the group plans to create a positive image by revitalizing and strengthening the center of Kirksville.

      "KDIC is starting out as just a small group of volunteers trying to revitalize and beautify the downtown. We realize that we want the downtown to be a destination, not segregation, said Tallman.

      Members introduced many ideas and plans to help promote the downtown area as an exciting place to shop, dine, live and work.

      "We are intertwined, one helps one business, then helps another business. What brings people into one place eventually will get them to go to another place," said Tallman.

      The KDIC board meets the first Tuesday of every month and is always accepting volunteers to make Kirksville a better place.