Communications system upgrade to provide quicker emergency response times

Larger and more computer monitors allow for dispatchers to view where officers are at any given moment

The Law Enforcement Center in Ottumwa is currently undergoing a communications system upgrade that will allow dispatchers a more widespread view of the city and its surroundings.

There are now more and bigger computer monitors that allow dispatchers to look at their mapping system without having to minimize other items.

This will in turn make for a quicker response time to emergency situations.

â??We were all squeezed in. We had four monitors versus the seven that you see. And they were a lot smaller and we were having to minimize a lot of our everyday applications,â?? said Brenda Bennett, Data Communications Specialist.

â??Yes, it goes a lot smoother now and you feel a lot more confident when you're in those emergency situations that you can just glance up. You have an immediate knowledge of where they (police officers) are at and you can still use your screens to type -- you have plenty of room to do stuff now,â?? said Michele Palmer, Communications Specialist.

On Wednesday a new radio system will be put in place which will provide much cleaner and better reception throughout the city.