Community celebrates Easter all week with breakfast

Easter week prayer and breakfast.

For years, the Kirksville community has come together during Easter week for prayer and breakfast and that tradition continued Tuesday morning.

The meal began at 7 a.m. and was prepared by men who have been cooking together for more than 30 years.

â??It's called 'Walk the Walk,' and when we decided on the theme for the year we wanted to hear from the speakers and these are all lay speakers,â?? said committee member Erick Hanson. â??These are not people with the clergy. These are members of the community, and we wanted them to share with us their faith walk through their life.â??

Wednesdayâ??s speaker will be Charles Frost.
Thursday it will be Sara Riffer and on Good Friday the speaker will be Carolyn Chrisman.

The prayer week breakfast will be held at 7 each morning through Friday, March 29, at the First Christian Church in Kirksville.