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      Community comes together to upgrade school's facilities

      As the saying goes if you build it they will come.

      The brand new field at Milan High School is the product of the community coming together to upgrade the school's facilities.

      â??When people heard what we were doing and that we were moving forward with this project, we had people coming to us and saying what can I do to help and right now we're sitting at about $100,000 in community donations from various organizations and private donors so we're very thrilled that people were willing to do that,â?? said Milan Schools Superintendent Kim Johnson.

      Superintendent Johnson gave us a tour of the field which was completely resodded.

      There are also new walls and fencing around the field as well as NFL style field goals.

      Fans will also notice a brand new scoreboard at Cal Hubbard Field to go along with the improved track which will be finished by September.

      Johnson says she's proud to be involved with the renovations.

      â??Oh my gosh I am so thrilled from the beginning and getting the board to back us on this it has just been a wonderful wonderful experience and to see the people that come out everyday, the community, the school board, the staff, it's just very exciting to come out and see what we have gone from to what we have now.â??

      Johnson is excited for the start of football season and for the reaction from the fans.

      â??The people are just gonna be thrilled to see the difference that they're gonna see because it's gonna come from something very plain, kind of rough football field to this beautiful facility that you would just not expect in northeast Missouri. We are just so very very proud of it.â??

      With the scheduled completion of the field running on time, the entire Milan community is looking forward to the home opener on August 30 against Princeton.