Community discusses Historic Hills Scenic Byway

Pathfinders host historic byways meeting in Bloomfield.

A group named Pathfinders develops and promotes the Historical Hills and Scenic Byway Corridor, which runs from Moravia to Donnelson, Iowa.

The Historic Hills and Scenic Byway is one of 11 designated byways in the state. These roadways are given designation for their scenic, historic and cultural resources. At a public meeting this afternoon, around a dozen people in the community participated in a presentation where Pathfinders representatives gave a historic overview of the byways, and they also asked residents for suggestions on how to improve the visitorâ??s experience, and what they would like to see in the future.

â??I would love to see some scenic pull-off get developed and interpretive centers,â?? Byway Coordinator Katy Anderson said, â??and I'd also like to see some local economic development where we can bring in more restaurants and store fronts that will benefit from the tourists and the money that they bring to our community.â??

Residents said if money wasnâ??t an object, they would love to see rest-stops, historical welcome centers and a bike trail along the byways.