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      Community keeps children fed during summer

      Not every county can say that it makes sure children have a meal to eat during the summer months. For several years now, residents in Adair County ensure students have a nutritious meal to eat while school is out.

      Food 4 Kids had volunteer training Monday afternoon at First United Methodist Church. â??Our volunteers get trained on what the summer program is,â?? said Coordinator Rebecca Zimmer. â??They get trained on the components of a nutritious lunch; how to deliver the lunches, and then basic food sanitation.â??

      Zimmer said it is a program where meals are handed out at four different parks in Kirksville to children for free. The four parks are: Brashear Park, Jaycee Park, Memorial Park and P.C. Mills Park.

      Zimmer said this program is important because it is a safety net to make sure that every child who needs a meal would have at least one free meal. â??So, basically we know that of all the kids who have free and reduced lunch at school only one out of nine of those kids have access to a program like this,â?? Zimmer said. â??Basically kids have to fend for themselves during the summer time, so we want to make sure that doesn't happen here in Kirksville.â??

      The program is Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It begins on June 10 and lasts until June 28. Zimmer said it starts back up on July 8 and lasts until August 28.

      Zimmer said they are close to having all the volunteers that they need. If you would like to volunteer, contact First United Methodist Church.