Community remembers the life of a Union Soldier

Community members gathered Saturday to remember the life of Union Soldier David Bachman.

It is well known that Missouri has a long storied history when it comes to the Civil War; on Saturday, that tradition continued as the community came together to remember a Union Soldier who's legacy continues to grow right here in the Heartland.

In the northwestern portion of Adair County sits the historical Morelock Cemetery. On Saturday, about 40 people gathered to pay their respects for David Bachman.

"It means a lot to everybody here. Everyone here is somehow related by marriage or by blood somehow. So it means a lot to all of us," said Rick Bachman, a descendent of David Bachman.

The dedication of David Bachman's headstone was one filled with pomp and circumstance, but also remembrance.

Rick Bachman, who has spent his life in northeast Missouri, told KTVO that he was very proud to learn about his ancestor and his family's history.

"You know, I really didn't realize exactly that we had that much history in the Civil War until people started doing a little digging about our history, and it turns out that we do," Bachman said.

David Bachman was a Private in Company G of the 11th Cavalry Missouri State Militia. Bachman's company was based out of Macon and saw much action, even in Kirksville.

"He was in many battles in northern Missouri, including the Battle of Kirksville, which is very cool because I live their, so I am pretty excited about that too," Bachman said.

For those gathered Saturday, it was not only about paying their respects, but it was also about thanking their ancestor.

Bachman also told KTVO that his family will never forget Saturday, and that future generations will be educated on their family history.

"Because of the history that I have learned throughout this, this is just amazing and my great great great grandkids will know this day," Bachman said.

Information on David Bachman provided by the Bachman Family:

David served his country along with his brothers, Jacob and Solomon, as a Private, in Company G, Capt. Robbinâ??s Co., 11th Cavalry Missouri State Militia, mustering into service in March, 1862 in Macon, Missouri. Davidâ??s company was consolidated with the 2nd Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry in September, 1862.

The 11th Cavalry (2nd Regiment) saw action at* **Cherry Grove on June 26 and July 1, near Memphis on July 18, at Newark on August 1 (Detachment), at Kirksville on August 6 (Detachment) and near Stockton, August 8 (Detachment). After the unit consolidated with the 2nd Regiment the battles were at Switzler's Mill on August 10, Little Compton Ferry, Yellow Creek on August 11, and Roanoke on September 6 (Detachment).

David had become ill and was home on approved sick leave at the end of September, 1862. He was granted a discharge on November 20, 1862 at Monticello. David came home to his wife and children and his farm. He passed away May 23, 1873. Many of his descendants still live in the surrounding area.

We would like to thank the John H. McNeil Camp No. 62 of the Sons of the Union Veterans for the ceremony and their service.