Community to attempt setting Guinness World Record at Ragbrai

Featured at the Fairfield Art Association silent auction

Ragbrai bicyclists will be streaming into Fairfield one week from Friday, and organizers are looking for participants to help them establish a Guinness World Record for the most false mustaches worn at a public event.

On at 5:30 p.m. on July 26th, participants will gather in the lawn of the Jefferson County Courthouse. Organizer Terry Baker who serves on the executive committee for Fairfield Ragbrai, and says she is still looking for 80 volunteers to help during the attempt to break the world record.

â??We thought since we have a mustache in our logo, wouldn't that be fun to do and so sure enough, we received approval from Guinness World Records that we could go ahead and break their record,â?? Baker said. â??I believe their record was 1543 people, and we thought with 20,000 people coming into town certainly we could smoke that record.â??

If you're interested in signing up to volunteer, you can call Terry Bakerâ??s office at 641-472-2828 or send an email over to