Community volunteers thanked for hard work

Volunteers from around Adair County had the chance to learn just how important their hard work is at a meeting held Thursday evening.

The Adair County Community Volunteers held their annual monthly meeting at the health department which featured a guest speaker. Melissa Friel, an Emergency Preparedness Branch Director for the State Emergency Management Agency was in Kirksville to speak to the members of the group.

Friel spoke on how volunteers play a key role in helping out in situations after an emergency or disaster strikes. Volunteers are also able to give an extra hand in taking care of individuals in an emergency situation when first responders may need extra help.

"It is so critical because frankly the first responders that we have in our county are an excellent group of people, but sometimes they need assistance," said Ron Stewart, of the Adair County Community Volunteers.

If interested in becoming an Adair County Community Volunteer, contact the Adair County Health Department for more information.