Competition for the Griswolds?

Mike and Wanda Elam's Christmas decorations.

There is no need to singâ?¦â??Do they know it's Christmasâ?? to the Elams.

Down East Capri Street in Brashear you will find Mike and Wanda Elamâ??s house.

Some say Mike may have a Christmas addiction.

He has his entire yard filled with Christmas decorationsâ?¦from the nativity scene to toy soldiers.

Elam started putting decorations up right after Halloween, and he said right now he's only halfway done.

He said he easily has thousands of lights, but there's not one that stands out.

"No favorite,â?? Elam said. â??They're all the same. Theyâ??re just like children.â??

Elam said his favorite part is watching the enjoyment people get when they see his house.

â??Little kids come by, and they're plastered up against the car window just staringâ?¦ just looking,â?? Elam said.

â??Even right now in the daytime Iâ??ll have people drive by and slow down just in the daytime without them even on."

Not only does he have hundreds of Christmas decorations, his lights are also synchronized with music.

"Iâ??ve got a little bit of everything,â?? Elam said. â??I've got some music. Iâ??ve got the lights synchronized to the music. I think I have more lights then most people."

Elam said he uses LED lights and gets most of his decorations from garage sales and auctions.

He said he's been putting up Christmas lights for 12 years.

He will turn the lights on Thanksgiving night, and he won't take them down until after Christmas.