Competition is on to see how many "like" Ottumwa and Fairfield

Thereâ??s nothing like a little friendly competition. The Bridgeview Center in Ottumwa and the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center in Fairfield are competing against each other to see which one can get more â??likesâ?? on their Facebook pages.

To kick off the competition, each of the executive directors agreed to meet on neutral ground in Eldon at the American Gothic House on Wednesday.

Administrator of The American Gothic House Holly Berg gave an introduction to the contest before the executive directors could plea their case as to why their cityâ??s convention center should win.

â??Being from Vicksburg, Mississippi, and having moved up to Ottumwa, Iowa, the south is going to rise,â?? said Larry Gawronski, the executive director of the Bridge View Center.

The competitive spirit was light-hearted and playful between the two.

â??At the end of the day, Iâ??m competitive. I work to win, and I know Iâ??ve got an army of a team behind me thatâ??s ready to win and to go out and spread the word,â?? said Rustin Lippincott, the executive director of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.

An undisclosed performance will happen at the winning cityâ??s convention center. The losing director will be dressed up by the other however they wish and help advertise for the performance.

Handshakes weâ??re exchanged and the competition officially began. You can â??likeâ?? either or both convention centers through April 20. Click here to "like" the Bridge View Center or click here to "like" The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center on Facebook