Concealed gun permit requests rise

Concealed carry permits rising

As the debate continues over gun control, more and more people are seeking concealed carry permits.

Not only are guns and ammunition flying off the racks, people are also trying to beat the bullet on any new laws that may go into effect.

The Adair County Sheriff's Office has seen more than double the amount of applying for a concealed carry weapon permit.

Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick said back in January of 2012 they had about eight or ten permit request a month, and now they are doing about 40 or 50 a month.

He said the amount of people applying for a permit continues to increase, and the cost is $92.50.

â??Currently the sheriffâ??s office charges $62,â?? Sheriff Hardwick said. â??And, that is the same amount that we've been charging ever since Iâ??ve been in office. The state fee is $30.50, and that covers the criminal background check and things of that nature, so part of that goes to the state and also to the feds.â??

Hardwick said he is unsure of the exact reason why the numbers have gone up, but said it is a state law and he encourages individuals to apply if they meet the criteria and guidelines.