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      Confessions from the child of a meth addict

      We've exposed the problem meth has on the state of Missouri and the entire nation. We've also spoken with recovering meth addicts themselves.

      This time we wanted to get a a first-hand account of a daughter whose mother has been addicted to meth for as long as she can remember.

      Teran Hastings remembers the moments she watched her mother expose her body to methamphetamine, leaving limitless long-term effects.

      "...she would give me meth to sell to my friends, then I got to keep the money from that," said Teran, the daughter of a meth addict.

      It's quite evident that methamphetamine users aren't the only ones poisoned by this drug. Teran tells us it just doesn't effect the user, it effects their family.

      This affect is one that threatens lives and flattens the foundation of relationships. Teran graphically remembers when she was just a little girl.

      "The first time I remember I was probably 5 or 6 years old. We were all at somebody's house and turned around and there was a mirror and a straw some some guy was holding," said Teran.

      Her mother and her meth friends would always go into the bathroom and all she could do was stand at the bathroom door---knock--and painfully wait for her mother.

      Teran said instead of her mother being a supportive mother, she would help Teran's sister take a needle and shoot up.

      Although everything wasn't clear then, she strongly recalls the hazardous chemicals and unknown toxics her mother used to cook meth.

      Teran admits that her mother was in and out of her life.

      " know the empty promises, I'll be there to pick you up at 10 and she wouldn't show up," said Teran. "What always hurt was, every time she was in there, I would get those letters; I promise I'm going to change, I'm to stop this for you, we're going to be a family."

      Those broken promises and the dark memories established resentment. It's been over a year since Teran has seen or even spoke to her mother. Teran says if her children were to see her mother in that condition it would have a negative effect on them.

      "Once I had my son was when I started to have resentment toward her. I can't understand why a parent would choose that over their own children. I look at my children and think I want the best for them, I want them to always know that their mother loves them and to never have to question or doubts that."

      Teran spends extra time with her three children, she walks with them, reads and spends quality time so they know their mother will be there.